Digital Asset Accounting

Accounting for Crypto is hard... Bitwave makes it easy.
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Accounting for crypto could be a full time job... if it weren't for Bitwave. Save time and increase accuracy with a complete blockchain accounting solution. 


Bitwave offers a highly configurable way to record cost basis and exchange rates so you can easily account for your digital assets. 

Journaling and Reconciling Crypto Transactions 

Keep your books up to date with our easy workflow for categorizing, journaling, and reconciling crypto and blockchain transactions.  

Then easily sync this info into your accounting system.


Get your monthly reconciliation work done in a snap with our advanced rules engine which automatically categorizes and journal similar transactions by setting up.

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Bitwave was built and designed by experienced enterprise software developers specifically for businesses.

Accounting Integrations

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Our accounting solution works with your existing tools, like Quickbooks, Xero, Sage, and Netsuite.

We have a tight integration with these accounting systems including automatic reconciliation of blockchain transactions directly to your general ledger.