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A drop-in solution for:
DeFi Investment Monitoring, Multi-user Wallets, Cryptocurrency Accounting, Tax Tracking, Token Management 
AR / AP, and more.

Tracking taxes for crypto can be incredibly complex, with potentially every transaction causing a taxable event. Bitwave helps track every transaction and simplifies the end of the quarter.


Integrating from the blockchain back into your accounting system manually can be time consuming and error prone. Bitwave automates the process and saves you time, plus makes it incredibly easy to mark to market and take care of other monthly tasks.


Storing and managing crypto at scale in a company can be tough. How do you keep things secure and make sure you have visibility into all company wallets? Bitwave makes it easy.

Solutions for businesses that use crypto.

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Paying contractors in crypto? Invoicing clients in crypto? Our AR / AP solution is easy to use, one click, and tightly integrated with your accounting system. Don't spend days every week handing payroll, Bitwave makes it easy.


Bitwave has built in support for numerous DeFi contracts and aggregators, such as Compound and MakerDAO, plus Curve and Balancer.


Advance APIs Custom Reporting, out-of-the-box Gain-Loss Reports, Bitwave has them all.

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Managing cryptos and tokens securely isn't always easy. Bitwave's world-class team has built an industry-leading solution for 

secure management of your funds.



Supporting crypto isn't just about storing the private keys.To fully embrace crypto, you've got to integrate with your accounting systems and business processes. Our solution can help.


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