Bitwave is the first DeFi aware cryptocurrency management platform, and we are excited about our new DeFi management features. 

DeFi is reshaping the financial services industry as we speak, and more than ever robust tooling to support this new industry is required. Bitwave is the leading crypto tax and accounting solution, and is pleased to announce support for the current wave of DeFi products.


Having trouble tracking your profits or staking? Concerned about unknown dApp interfaces? Bitwave solves these problems and more:

  • Bitwave has built in support for numerous DeFi contracts and aggregators, such as Compound and MakerDAO, plus Curve and Balancer

  • Bitwave offers a robust wallet DeFi wallet smart contract, with multi-sig, profit tracking, tax tracking, and more

  • Bitwave is the first accounting or tax tool to natively and comprehensively support DeFi

  • Bitwave is building tooling to create secure and auditable interfaces to different DeFi applications