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Crypto donations are here. Handle new accounting and tax processes easily.

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The next generation of donors use crypto.

Young, tech-savvy investors are embracing digital assets, and the charitable sector is catching on. Major global and national players in the nonprofit space are accepting cryptocurrency as a new revenue source.  

Crypto investors seeking ways to reduce their tax burdens are discovering charitable giving as the perfect solution. Donations of crypto can be considered charitable write-offs for donors and are tax-free for the nonprofit. The average value of a crypto donation in 2021 was $10,455 – more than 82 times the average cash donation. Your traditional finance system can’t support these transactions, and it’s time to capture exciting new crypto fundraising possibilities.

Data About Crypto Donations


annual volume of crypto donations in 2021.


average value of a crypto donation in 2021.


of crypto buyers are between the ages of 18-40.


Accounting icon showcasing a document with a pencil with crypto nodes protruding from the left and right hand side


  • Automatic transaction capture and categorization
  • Integration with general ledgers
  • Revenue/expense tracking
  • Customer liability and asset tracking
  • Automatic reconciliation
Reconcile revenue icon showing a digital assets with lines and nodes coming off of it with a positive checkmark in the center of the coin


  • Coin inventory tracking
  • Automatic cost basis and token pricing
  • Continuous gain/loss tracking
  • Impairment/impairment tracking
  • DeFi, lending, and borrowing
Compliance icon showcasing a list report with crypto nodes coming off the left side and a lock pad with a check mark on the right side

Treasury Management

  • Track tokens, NFTs, and digital assets
  • Accurately reflect digital asset values with mark-to-market updates
  • Maintain a single view into all digital assets you hold
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Methods of Accepting Crypto Donations

No matter how you want to accept digital asset donations, we'll handle the bookkeeping and accounting.

  • Direct donation of cryptocurrency
  • Nonfungible Tokens (NFTs)
  • Decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms
  • Crypto charity coins and tokens