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An Intro to DeFi Taxes and Accounting Webinar

DeFi has upended everything we thought we knew about finance (in a good way), but has created an enormous pile of headaches for the accounting and tax professionals that service crypto-native companies.

Listen to Bitwave CEO Pat White, and a panel of CPAs and DeFi experts in a discussion on DeFi accounting and taxes. Learn how some companies are being tax-savvy when depositing to liquidity pools, the different ways to treat staking income, how some in the industry are tracking complicated multi-sided transactions / NFTs, and more. This webinar is not tax advice, please consult with a tax professional.


- Kirk Phillips, CPA, CMA, CFE, CBP, Managing - Director, Global Crypto Advisors, Inc.

- Libby Schultz, CPA and Financial Technologist

- Devin Eldridge, COO at Radar

- Patrick White, CEO at Bitwave

This webinar is not tax advice, please consult with a tax professional.

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