• Amy Kalnoki

Go Back in Time with Bitwave

Did you know that Bitwave can help you get caught up on last year’s crypto taxes? )Or the year before's!) When you first start with Bitwave, you will connect your wallets, exchanges accounts and accounting platform to Bitwave. Our software will prompt you to either select either that you want to catch up on all of your crypto currency transactions or start from a specific start date and just move forward. That's right, with Bitwave you can go back in time and properly track your digital assets cost-basis, gains and losses, and crypto taxes from when you first acquired them.

Getting caught up is important if you haven't been properly accounting for you digital assets or virtual currencies.

Do you need a bit of help getting your crypto transactions all caught up? Bitwave can help, not just with great software, but our implementation consultants are happy to help you get fully caught up on crypto bookkeeping, and start this fiscal year off right.

Contact info@bitwave.io for more information.

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