Cryptocurrency and DeFi Tax Tracking 

Track your gains and losses, cost basis, and tax liabilities.  

Bitwave has complex tax tracking capabilities, including Last-in, First-out (LIFO) spends the most recent coins you’ve acquired — using coins close to the current market price to keep capital gains and losses small. First-in, First-out (FIFO) uses the coins you acquired first — ensuring your gains or losses are long-term.

Bitwave LIFO FIFO.webp

We also support cost averaging and specific selection. You can run reports for each and pick the tax strategy that’s right for you.


Our platform also syncs mark-to-market adjustments to mark the current value of holdings, and your crypto gains and losses. The value of your digital assets will likely change over time. Bitwave makes mark-to-market adjustments easy. With one click you can mark the current value of holdings (update you holding in your books to reflect the current market value of our token). With Bitwave you can easily get a clear view of how much your digital assets are worth today. 

DeFi Tax Tracking

Calculate the tax liabilities generated from your DeFi yield-farming or staking rewards using Bitwave. Bitwave is the only crypto tax platform to support DeFi.

Calculating taxes for crypto and DeFi can be incredibly complex. As a business that transacts in cryptocurrencies, it is your obligation to properly track the cost basis of your digital assets and track the corresponding crypto taxes. Luckily, Bitwave offers a complete solution for crypto and DeFi tax tracking and simplifies your end of the quarter.

Tax Tracking

Our enterprise digital asset platform connects the blockchain to your accounting system making it easy to prepare your crypto taxes.

Bitwave delivers a full-featured software solution designed to help enterprises manage, account for, and handle taxes around cryptocurrencies and tokens.