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The accounting world is faced with an unprecedented challenge.

Traditional enterprise companies and crypto-native startups are both learning the regulatory nuances and accounting complexities of a new class of assets.

Digital assets, like cryptocurrencies and NFT’s, are an exciting revolution in the global ecosystem. But accounting for them on your financial books can be daunting – or even impossible – with current ERP solutions.

Consensus Coference 2023 by Coindesk
Speaker from Bitwave

Bitwave was built to bridge this gap between blockchain-based technology systems and the traditional finance world.

Founded in 2018 by technology veteran entrepreneurs, Pat White and Amy Kalnoki, Bitwave is the #1 enterprise platform for digital assets.

Today, Bitwave works with some of the most recognizable web2 and web3 brands in the world - including Nasdaq, GameStop, OpenSea, Blockdaemon, ArtBlocks, The Sandbox, Ripple, Figment, Compound, Polygon, Ava Labs, and more.

From crypto-native start-ups to the Fortune 100, Bitwave is the most-trusted financial platform for digital assets.


“Bitwave was created with the core purpose of mitigating the complexity of digital asset accounting.”

- Bitwave COO and Co-Founder Amy Kalnoki

Bitwave’s mission is to transform unmanaged risk into a strategic business advantage for enterprise companies and allow them to seize the opportunities created by digital asset adoption.

Bitwave is committed to this mission with a focus on:

  • Enabling digital asset adoption for enterprise organizations
  • Educating finance and accounting professionals about the digital asset ecosystem
  • Empowering the future growth and sustainable future of web3 technology by supporting enterprise teams with compliant, audit-ready solutions for digital assets

Our Leaders

Pat White

CEO & Co-Founder

Amy Kalnoki

COO & Co-Founder

Ore Phillips

Chief Customer Officer

Jim Thompson

VP, Sales & Partnerships

Katie Montembeault

Director, Human Resources

Joe Dillon

Director, Customer & Partner Success

Kaleb Leija

Director, Marketing

Trevor Ward

Director, Content Marketing
Chris Zola

Chris Zola

Director of Sales
Chris Wade

Christopher Wade

Senior Account Executive
Ren Miao

Ren Miao

Senior Software Engineer
Sean Conner

Sean Conner

Senior Software Engineer

Tyler Adams

Senior Software Engineer

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