Empowering Enterprises To Adopt Digital Assets

Bitwave’s mission is to enable any enterprise, business, non-profit, or government to work with digital assets, and take more direct control over their financial future, bypassing traditional financial institutions and investment banks.

About Us

Helping companies harness their digital financial future

Founded in 2018, Bitwave is the first software platform built specifically for businesses to bring digital assets onto their balance sheet and into their business processes.

The Bitwave team is based in San Francisco and has been working in crypto since the dawn of this financial revolution.​

We're passionate about the potential for crypto to change the world, and mission driven to enable that change.​ Sound like your type of people?

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Trusted by the most sophisticated accounting teams

Learn how Opensea automated its NFT marketplace accounting workflow
"My job is to ensure OpenSea follows US GAAP standards. Bitwave helps me do just that. Bitwave stands up to the pressure tests of Big 4 auditors going through internal reconciliations."
  Stephen Chen, CPA
  Revenue Lead, OpenSea
"This UI Kit really helped me make an amazing website, thank you so much Veza Digital! I'll definitely be buying the premium UI Kits you release in the future!"
Martha Stewart

Our Investors

Leaders in Blockchain & DeFi Accounting

Pat White

CEO & Co-Founder

Amy Kalnoki

COO & Co-Founder

Devin Eldridge

Chief Strategy Officer

Ore Phillips

VP, Product Solutions

Jim Thompson

VP, Sales and Partnerships

Rafael Casas

VP, Business Development

Katie Montembeault

Director, Human Resources

Tej Dewangan

Director, Engineering

Joe Dillon, CPA

Director, Customer Success

Leaders in Blockchain & DeFi Accounting

Pat White, CEO & Co-Founder

Pat White is passionate about the potential for blockchain technology to change the world, and is on a mission to enable that change. He combined his expertise in enterprise software, accounting, and cryptocurrencies to co-found Bitwave in 2018, which provides a complete, end-to-end back office solution for businesses that use Crypto. 

Over the last decade, Pat has built enterprise software at companies such as Intuit, Microsoft, Intuit, Cisco, and Fortify Software (now HP Security).

Amy Kalnoki, COO & Co-founder

Amy Kalnoki is the Co-Founder and COO of Bitwave, and co-host of the podcast The DeFi Daily. She is a serial entrepreneur and technology industry veteran with expertise in enterprise software sales, accounting, and cryptocurrencies.

In 2018, Amy co-founded Bitwave, a software platform that provides cryptocurrency, NFT, and DeFi accounting, tax tracking, bookkeeping, AR/AP software for enterprise businesses. Prior to this, she co-founded Synata, an enterprise search engine that was acquired by Cisco in 2016. She is passionate about cryptocurrency and the potential for blockchain technology to change the world.

Ore Phillips, VP Product Solutions

Ore leads the Product Solutions team at Bitwave. He's spent the last 15 years helping enterprises design and implement systems for the finance function. He's excited about the future of digital assets in general and the critical part that Bitwave plays in enabling digital assets for enterprises.

Jim Thompson, VP of Sales and Partnerships

Jim leads the Sales & Partnerships team at Bitwave.  Prior to Bitwave, he spent 8 years in FinTech working with large corporations and financial institutions. He is a member of the the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.  

Jim is bullish on widespread digital asset adoption ranging from traditional brands leveraging NFTs to unlock consumer engagement to TradFi integrating DeFi.

Rafael Casas, VP of Business Development

Rafael Casas has almost 20 years of ERP & CRM business development, consulting and advisory experience, building products, designing and implementing complex, business-critical applications for SMB and Enterprise companies globally.

He served on the Sage Accountants Advisory Council, Botkeeper Influencer Council along with the Once Accounting Advisory Council. He is also part of the Wallstreet Blockchain Alliance.

Katie Montembeault, Director of Human Resources

As Director of Human Resources, Recruiting, Compensation and People Operations, Katie is responsible for all things HR at Bitwave. She has nearly twenty years of Human Resources experience that spans a multitude of industries, including retail, food service, renewable energy, legal services, and a variety of others.

However, she has a soft spot for helping start-ups with exciting, emerging technologies like Bitwave, to successfully establish their people programs while maintaining high growth mode.

Tej Dewangan, Director of Engineering

Tej leads the Product Development and Engineering team at Bitwave. He has over 18 years of experience building enterprise financial and accounting applications. Tej is passionate about bringing crypto to enterprises and solving difficult accounting problems for digital assets.

Joe Dillon, CPA., NFT Accounting Leader

Joe is Bitwave’s Director of Customer & Partner Success. He is a CPA, a Certified Fraud Examiner, and he joined Bitwave after spending 12 years in public accounting. Joe loves working with Bitwave’s network of customers and partners to help them bridge the gap between the digital asset economy and traditional accounting and finance.