Built for Compliance + Auditability

Don’t Settle for Audit-Ready. Be Audit-Proven.

With Bitwave, your transaction reporting data is effortlessly auditable, accurate, and complete. Our platform is battle-tested by today's leading global accounting networks, consulting partners, and audit service providers.

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Built for Compliance + Auditability

Anyone can claim to be “audit-ready.” Here’s why Bitwave is the only financial platform built to enable businesses to thrive in the evolving regulatory landscape of digital assets.

Secure Node Infrastructure

Bitwave's end-to-end node infrastructure delivers total data completeness and transparency – straight from the source. Have confidence that your transaction history data is always accurate and reliable.

High-Volume Transaction Capabilities

Bitwave was built for high-volume transaction tracking. Our platform was purpose-built to solve the challenges of today’s enterprise ERP and reporting tools – which starts with an unmatched capability to organize and orchestrate your transaction data. Scale smartly with Bitwave.

Instant Regulatory Compliance

Bitwave is engineered to enable instant compliance with global reporting standards. With deeply granular transparency, your source data is never lost to a black box.

SOC 1 & 2 (T2) Controls

You know your data is always safe thanks to a team that takes operational security and compliance seriously. We're committed to delivering up-to-date, fully-transparent System and Organization Controls (SOC) evaluations. Request our SOC reports here.

Enterprise-Grade Reporting Compliance

Bitwave enables immediate compliance with today’s global reporting standards – from IFRS, GAAP, FASB, and more. Bitwave engineers work side-by-side with today’s leading financial experts to architect an enterprise platform that evolves alongside global reporting standards.

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Key Compliance Features

• Lot-By-Lot Reporting Capability:
We know that each transaction is vital – no matter the size. That’s why we’ve enabled lot-by-lot support to efficiently track win-loss reports for your business. Effortlessly calculate gain/loss, along with impairments, and mark-to-market adjustments.

• Flexible Reporting Solutions: No two businesses are alike. That’s why Bitwave enables highly-customized reporting to deliver faster insights to your team. Whether you need our instant, out-of-the-box reporting solutions, or something more customized – Bitwave has your business covered.

• Audit-Ready Controls: In an audit, you need documentation and records to substantiate your operations. Bitwave is purpose-built to support you with fast access to the data you need – always objective, accurate, and verifiable.


Let's Talk About Roll-Ups

In the world of blockchain accounting and finance, transaction volume can quickly become an operational challenge – slowing down data-driven decision-making.

At Bitwave, we’ve designed our platform to enable you to gain faster insights with our powerful categorization and reporting software. These aggregate reports – sometimes called “rollups” – often enable a more manageable, efficient approach to understanding your top-level transaction data. But, we don’t stop there.

Our industry-leading report capabilities are designed to drill down all the way to the source data. Bitwave can effortlessly handle your high transaction volume – from ten transactions to ten million (and more!)

No other competitor can give you absolute control at this level – with high-level, aggregated information, combined with deeply-granular transaction data.