Bitwave for NFTs

Automated NFT Accounting: From Minting to Monetization

Easily recognize NFT revenue, royalties, and fees and automatically categorize transactions at scale.

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Streamline Your NFT Accounting Workflow

Bitwave provides complete visibility into token lifecycle management across disparate wallets, exchanges, custodial accounts, and more.

Understand your expenses icon showing a digital asset with a growth arrow and bar chart

Track revenue and royalties.

Monitor NFT revenue, royalties and relieved cost-basis at time-of-sale.

Track digital assets and tokens icon showing a digital coin and image of blockchain with arrows inbetween

Understand your expenses.

Continuously track NFT gas fees, platform fees, and other expenses without even lifting a finger.

Reconcile revenue icon showing a digital assets with lines and nodes coming off of it with a positive checkmark in the center of the coin

Recognize taxable events.

Manage your NFT inventory whether you're making, buying, or selling.

Collect royalties icon showing an NFT of a video game character over a coin

Filter unwanted spam.

Save hours during categorization and reconciliation by automatically ignoring unsolicited NFT transactions

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Accounting Software

Bitwave seamlessly integrates with leading accounting platforms, including QuickBooks, NetSuite, Sage Intacct, and Xero.


Bitwave supports tokens on the Bitcoin, Ethereum (All ERC-20 tokens + Layer 2), Solana, NEAR, and more. We are constantly adding support for new Blockchains.

Custodial Wallets

Bitwave currently supports Fireblocks, NYDIG, BitGo, and Anchorage custodial wallets.  We are constantly adding support for new Custodial Wallets.

DeFi Protocols

This is just a sample of the DeFi protocols we support. Click below for the full offering of DeFi integrations currently in place, with more being added each day.


This is just a sample of the key Exchanges we support. Click below for the larger offering of Exchanges supported, with more being constantly added.

Multi-Signature Wallets

Bitwave supports a variety of multi-signature wallets, such as Gnosis Safe, Zebec, and Electrum. We are constantly adding support for new Multi-Signature Wallets.


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Learn how ArtBlocks automated its NFT accounting workflow
"Without Bitwave, it would be impossible to get all the data you need to complete the close process and accumulate our revenue directly from the blockchain."
Kate Venturina
Corporate Controller, Art Blocks
"This UI Kit really helped me make an amazing website, thank you so much Veza Digital! I'll definitely be buying the premium UI Kits you release in the future!"
Martha Stewart

One-click NFT Revenue Recognition & Reconciliation 

Bitwave is the only digital asset platform trusted by public companies and sophisticated financial institutions. Bitwave builds in confidence into your accounting, tax, audit, reporting, and controls processes.

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