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Recognize mining revenue easily and quickly icon showcasing a crypto mining pickaxe and crypto nodes

Recognize mining revenue easily and quickly.

Accounting and bookkeeping becomes easy when Bitwave automatically categorizes your transactions based on the rules you create.

Accelerate your close cycle icon showcasing a crypto mining pickaxe with the handle extending out crypto nodes

Accelerate your close cycle.

Close in one day or continuously with Bitwave’s automated rules engine. Always know where you stand.

Track cost-basis easily and accurately icon showcasing a sideways wallet with an upwards arrow graph with blockchain squares below it

Track cost-basis easily and accurately.

Just say no to spreadsheets for accounting. Bitwave automatically tracks the cost basis for each transaction, whether that means hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of actions.

Optimize your taxes icon showcasing a crypto node shooting across three blocks with coin circles above each block with checkmarks inside

Optimize your taxes.

With every cryptocurrency transaction, you are making a tax decision. Bitwave helps set the optimum tax strategy, supporting LIFO, FIFO, and more complex accounting methods like specific identification and average cost.

Reconcile with ease icon showcasing a wallet with crypto nodes coming from either side with a floating hand below it

Reconcile with ease.

Streamline your process with Bitwave’s accounting and bookkeeping flow, which tracks outgoing transactions and captures business expenses clearly.

Track digital assets and tokens icon showing a digital coin and image of blockchain with arrows inbetween

Full impairment module.

Our advanced accounting and audit module includes robust impairment capabilities, audit licenses, and access to our data warehouse for custom reporting. Everything you need to stay GAAP compliant.

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"Bitwave was an amazing tool for our business. Not only did it give us the ability to track all things needed for our accounting, but it helped our auditing process hit the ground running and gave us the ability to move forward with our Series A funding."

Justin Podhola

Elite Mining