Bitwave for Crypto Staking & Node Operators

Staking rewards accounting, simplified

Seamless revenue recognition

Easy expense management

Real-time cost basis tracking

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Staking rewards accounting Bitwave


An end to endless spreadsheets and manual calculations

Automated accounting magic

Bitwave automates transaction categorization workflows with real-time rewards and fee tracking, saving your team valuable time and ensuring audit-ready reporting precision.

Seamless software integration

Effortlessly integrate Bitwave into your existing financial software stack. Automatically sync data directly into your ERP/GL of choice.

Native support for leading chains

Track leading staking rewards chains - like Ethereum, Cosmos, Polkadot, and Avalanche - as well as liquid staking ERC-20 derivatives - like Lido’s stETH, Rocketpool's rETH, and more. Plus only Bitwave offers comprehensive support for the Ethereum Beacon Chain.

Highly customizable, multi-book valuations

From FIFO and LIFO to Cost Averaging and Spec ID, you decide the cost-basis valuation strategies that work for your business - without the limitations of single-book accounting and compliance reporting.


From Blockchain to Balance Sheet,
Bitwave's Got Your Back

Learn how OpenSea automated its NFT accounting workflow
“A single report for all of our wallets, balances, etc”

"Just having a solution to automatically categorize all these transactions and output them directly in NetSuite; a single report for all of our wallets, balances, etc.; a tool to help us automatically calculate impairment, is powerful. We could not have done any of it manually"

OpenSea logo
Stephen Chen, CPA
Revenue Lead, OpenSea
"A best-in-class operation"

“Pudgy Penguins is dedicated to the long-term sustainability of our community.

This integration (with Bitwave) ensures the financial health of our
systems with a best-in-class operation.”

Lorenzo Melendez
President and Chief Technology Officer
Pudgy Penguins
"Bitwave is essential to our cryptocurrency business processes."

“Bitwave is essential to our cryptocurrency business processes. Between their accounting and tax solution, and their deep expertise around digital assets, we’re thrilled to have a partner like Bitwave as we innovate in the power generation industry.”

Timothy Rainey
Chief Financial Officer, Greenidge Generation

Proof-of-Stake Networks Supported

Track every transaction across every node – and sync information seamlessly to your ERP of choice

Need a specific staking integration not listed? Just let us know

Put Your Treasury Capital to Work With Staking

Embrace a streamlined process where automation empowers your team and reduces staking reward complexities. 

Bitwave empowers financial teams to focus on growth initiatives by eliminating manual tasks associated with staking reward management. Maximize your revenue potential while gaining confidence in your financial operations.

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