Bitwave For Staking & Node Operators

Automated Staking Accounting & Bookkeeping

Bitwave unlocks access to staking for enterprises through on-chain staking reward recognition, expense management, cost basis tracking, automatic revenue recognition, and more.

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Real-time rewards tracking

Account for staking rewards by the hour, day, or epoch, so rewards are always recorded – not just when they’re claimed.

Automated expense recording

Bitwave keeps track of gas fees, pool fees, and other expenses and can automatically push them to your ERP/GL.

Liquid staking derivatives

Track market-leading liquid staking ERC-20 derivatives, such as Lido’s stETH, Rocketpool's rETH, and more.

Advanced tax & audit reporting

Fully customizable tax strategy (FIFO, LIFO, COST AVG, SPEC ID), balance reports, and action trails to meet your financial reporting and audit needs.

Proof-of-Stake Networks Supported

Track every transaction across every node – and sync information seamlessly to your ERP. Our complete list of blockchains integrations can be found here.

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Put Your Treasury Capital to Work With Staking

Enterprise organizations can leverage Bitwave to automate accounting, tax calculation & reporting for staking directly into your general ledger.

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