Bitwave and NEAR Horizon: Empowering Startups for Growth

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Bitwave and NEAR Horizon: Empowering Startups for Growth
Paving the Way for Enhanced Financial Compliance and Growth Opportunities for Startups
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Bitwave is thrilled to announce our latest milestone! We're officially a Service Partner on NEAR Horizon – the game-changing marketplace connecting visionary founders with invaluable resources within the NEAR ecosystem.

NEAR Horizon connects builders and founders with valuable resources for the NEAR ecosystem:

🏗️  Founders can find help and resources
💻  Contributors can offer services and get hired
💼  Backers can find and discover promising projects to support

This partnership is a testament to our commitment to revolutionizing the digital asset landscape. At Bitwave, we understand the hurdles startups face when it comes to financial compliance and growth. That's why teaming up with NEAR Horizon feels like a match made in blockchain heaven.

About the Partnership

Imagine having access to cutting-edge financial compliance solutions that take the headache out of regulatory complexities. 

With Bitwave by your side, you're getting a VIP pass to industry-leading tax and accounting compliance software. Say hello to automated workflows and intelligent transaction categorizations that'll save you precious time and energy.

This partnership is just another step in our exciting journey with NEAR - earlier this year, we announced a game-changing direct integration with the secure, scalable, and eco-friendly NEAR blockchain. With Bitwave, projects can quickly and confidently track, manage, and account for their entire on-chain financial activity – all powered by our native, audit-ready integration.

Together with NEAR, we're making sure developers can leverage the blockchain seamlessly to build open web apps while staying fully compliant and audit-ready. We're here to make your web3 journey smoother, more compliant, and more rewarding.

Our Native Integration to NEAR

We know that financial teams need more than just granular transaction data. They need to confidence that their data is complete and accurate.

Our direct integration with the secure, scalable, and eco-friendly Layer 1 NEAR blockchain enables projects to quickly and confidently track, manage, and account for their entire on-chain financial activity.

Bitwave tracks more than 1M daily transactions on the NEAR blockchain to give developers comprehensive visibility across their entire financial landscape.

Bitwave delivers enterprise-grade data connections to the blockchains you use. Don't settle for less.

Getting Started With NEAR Horizon

If you're an early-stage founder looking to get involved with the accelerator program, start by creating a profile on NEAR Horizon today.

Stay tuned for more updates, more innovations, and more ways to thrive in the NEAR ecosystem!

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