Bitwave Integrates with Coinbase Prime to Revolutionize Crypto Payment Industry


Bitwave Integrates with Coinbase Prime to Revolutionize Crypto Payment Industry
Web3 leaders team up to enable seamless, secure, and audit-ready crypto payments with a fully integrated financial stack
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Today, we’re absolutely thrilled to announce the launch of Bitwave Enterprise Payments - a game-changer for the world of institutional crypto payments and compliance. 

We've teamed up with Coinbase as part of our ongoing membership in the Coinbase Partner Network to bring you this revolutionary crypto payments solution today. 

With Bitwave Enterprise Payments, your finance team can effortlessly initiate, send, and account for crypto transactions – all with a deep integration to your broader compliance program. 

  • Seamless invoice management and payment execution
  • Simplified vendor onboarding and management 
  • Automated invoice closing
  • Powerful, automated pricing engine
  • Effortless approval workflows (RBAC)

We Work with Your Existing Software 

Bitwave effortlessly compliments vendor management solutions like Coupa and ERP / AP management solutions like NetSuite, enabling seamless crypto payment operations within a larger enterprise flow. 

We enables businesses to leverage web3 technology with a full-stack payment platform that deeply integrates with your entire entire financial stack. 

Why This Matters

At Bitwave, we see digital assets as a powerful way to transform the unit economics around payments. Traditional payment models are generally based on two dimensions – volume and size. With crypto, those dimensions are no longer a factor, enabling businesses to move money, instantly, for a fraction of the cost

Stop paying for payments. Embrace the future of AR/AP with enterprise-level workflows and controls. 

Get ready to take your B2B crypto payments to the next level with Bitwave Enterprise Payments!

Pioneering digital asset accounting teams use Bitwave
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