Bitwave Joins Coinbase Partner Network as Inaugural Partner for Web3 Finance


Bitwave Joins Coinbase Partner Network as Inaugural Partner for Web3 Finance
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In a world where digital assets are reshaping finance, Bitwave and Coinbase are pioneering a new era of crypto management. We're thrilled to announce a partnership combining Bitwave's expertise in enterprise-level digital asset reporting, accounting, and tax solutions with Coinbase's robust trading and custody platforms.

Bitwave and Coinbase: A Partnership in Action

Since industry-leading companies are already using Coinbase and Bitwave to trade, custody, and report digital assets, we thought it was high time to make it official. Here's how we're working together:

  1. Confidently Trade and Custody Crypto with Coinbase: Utilize Coinbase's trusted platforms to execute trades and custody assets at scale, knowing that security and insurance back your digital assets.
  2. Capture All Your Data in Bitwave: Whether you're using Coinbase Prime, Pro, or Coinbase for Individuals, Bitwave's integration ensures that all your crypto transaction data is readily available for reporting, accounting, and tax purposes.
  3. Integrate into Your Existing ERP Solution: Bitwave's seamless API integration means that your crypto data can effortlessly flow into your existing ERP solution, streamlining your financial management.

A Shared Success: Bitwave and Coinbase’s Joint Clients

With a growing number of shared clients benefiting from our collaboration, the partnership between Bitwave and Coinbase is more than just technical; it's transformative. One such success story is Shrapnel,the first AAA web3 gaming studio:

“At Shrapnel, we believe that a frictionless user experience is a key element of success for any game – and we try to bring that same operational model to our internal teams,” said Shrapnel CEO Mark Long.
“Our COO chose Bitwave and Coinbase Prime because they are industry leaders and best-in-class solutions for web3 accounting and custody,” said Tina Russell, Shrapnel Head of Finance.

We’re Just Getting Started

This integration is just the beginning of a deeper collaboration with Coinbase. Bitwave is proud to be a featured partner on the all-new Coinbase Partner Network, and we're excited about new enterprise payment support options coming later this year.

Bitwave's integration with Coinbase is more than an integration; it's a strategic alliance that empowers businesses to navigate the complex world of crypto with confidence and ease. Join us in this exciting journey as we continue to innovate, integrate, and inspire a new wave of crypto finance.

Stay tuned for more updates, and experience the future of crypto management today with Bitwave and Coinbase.

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