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Bitwave Reports
Here is an overview of our 5 most used reports:
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Bitwave offers a bunch of different reports to help you get a handle of all your crypto transaction data and reporting needs. With extensive reporting capabilities Bitwave has you covered when it comes to reporting.

Bitwave tracks every single transaction (from simple payments, to transfers, trades, and more), and your customer success contact will be happy to walk you through all of our reporting features.s include, not just point in time balances, but also full accounting of all historic transactions!  Reports for balances, transaction history, or accounting purposes can be run for any date. How would Bitwave help your operations team manage your company's digital assets?

Here is an overview of our 5 most used reports:

Gain Loss Report:

The name says it all! This lets you run a gain-loss report for all of your crypto holdings. A lot of our customers who are crypto investors and traders love this report. Again Bitwave automatically tracks the cost basis and allows you to do one-click market-to-market calculations so you do not need to run this report unless you want to see your gains and losses in a CSV.  

Balance Report:

This is a report that shows the balance of all of the crypto exchange accounts and wallets that you have added to your Bitwave account as of the end of a particular day. Our customers use this report to

Export Transaction Report:

This report lets you generate and export a CSV of all of your transactions.

Journal Entry Report:

If you are using Bitwave to journal your crypto transactions, this report allows you to export expected journal entries into target accounting systems. Bitwave offers direct integrations with the leading accounting platforms so most of our customers do not need to use this report.  

Ledger Report:

The ledger view is a view of your transactions with a running balance.

So in addition to our token monitoring and blockchain accounting tools, Bitwave provides additional capabilities such as portfolio views, reports on asset value over time, tax tracking (cost basis, proceeds, and gain / loss reporting), and can build can help you with any reporting needs!

Need custom reporting? Want to learn more about our export features? Ping us at and your customer success contact will be happy to walk you through all of our reporting features.

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