"How to Not Get REKT by the IRS" (Mainnet 2023 Panel)


"How to Not Get REKT by the IRS" (Mainnet 2023 Panel)
With engaging discussions around valuation, transaction fees, and more, this panel provides a wealth of practical information
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At Messari's Mainnet conference this year, a powerhouse panel featuring Rob Massey (Deloitte), Mel Comer (Fuel3), and Amy Kalnoki (Bitwave) dived deep into the complexities of crypto tax and accounting for businesses.

Their insights shed light on navigating the ever-evolving world of compliance for digital assets management. This 20-minute discussion was packed with valuable advice and strategies from leading accounting experts.

The conversation offers insights into the ever-evolving landscape of crypto tax and accounting. With engaging discussions around valuation, transaction fees, and more, the panel provides a wealth of practical information.

Key Takeaways

• Proactivity: The IRS isn't just sitting idly; they've got their eyes on crypto activities, scanning public platforms, GitHub repositories, and more. Being prepared and proactive is key when you receive that initial "love note" from the IRS.

• Documentation is King: Good accounting practices and meticulous record-keeping are non-negotiable. Maintaining proper financial statements, reconciliations, and a well-curated transaction library can be your saving grace during an audit.

• Staking Revenue and Regulations: The recent IRS revenue ruling clarified staking rewards as taxable income. However, this is not the end of the conversation; there might be more developments on this front with other US regulatory bodies.

• Fair Value vs GAAP Accounting: As the market matures, understanding the nuances between various accounting principles and reporting practices becomes crucial. Hear the breakdown from our experts.

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The crypto world's intersection with tax and accounting can seem daunting. But, armed with the right knowledge and strategies, businesses can navigate these waters with confidence. Stay informed, document diligently, and remember, your tax and accounting pros are your allies in this journey.

So, grab your notepad and tune in!

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