Stellar Integration Completes: Streamlining Accounting & Reporting for Enterprises


Stellar Integration Completes: Streamlining Accounting & Reporting for Enterprises
Bitwave’s integration marks the fulfillment of the Activation Award grant requirements from the Stellar Development Foundation
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Incredibly exciting news from Bitwave – our integration with the Stellar blockchain is officially live! 

This means XLM transactions are now seamlessly accessible right on the Bitwave platform.

This exciting milestone is supported by the Stellar Community Fund's Activation Award grant and marks a major step forward in our mission to streamline financial reporting and compliance for digital assets.

Let’s Go Deeper

With the development of a high-volume indexer, Bitwave’s industry-leading platform delivers true enterprise-grade controls for transaction data on the Stellar network. This integration supercharges accounting and finance workflows for finance teams with a range of enterprise-grade capabilities–like granular, lot-by-lot cost-basis tracking, high-volume transaction categorizations, and simplified GAAP/IFRS-compliant reporting.

Bitwave's SOC 1 (T2) and SOC 2 (T2) compliance ensures that financial teams can confidently make faster, data-driven decisions and underscores Bitwave's commitment to enabling enterprises with robust financial workflows for on-chain activity.

So, What Does This Mean?

Thanks to support from the Stellar Development Foundation, Bitwave is making financial compliance and reporting faster and simpler for builders on Stella with: 

  • Effortlessly account for Stellar on-chain activity using your existing ERP system
  • Automate transaction categorization with enterprise-grade workflows
  • Generate comprehensive financial reports to ensure audit-ready compliance

We've also made sure all Stellar transactions on Bitwave are clearly identified with the XLM token ticker symbol. This means you'll have quick and transparent access to all your transaction info, whenever you need it.

This win extends beyond Bitwave. It's a win for the entire Stellar ecosystem. 

Ready to Get Started? 

Bitwave is dedicated to supporting innovation within the Stellar ecosystem. 

Our integration can significantly benefit projects exploring a range of on-chain activities–like tokenizing real-world assets or supporting cross-border remittances. We’re proud to enable operational success for the vibrant Stellar community.

If you’re focused on the future of finance with Stellar technology, we’d love to hear from you.

Contact our team here to see how Bitwave can empower you and your team with the tools needed to scale an effective financial operation. 

Stay tuned for more as we continue to help enterprises everywhere achieve financial excellence.

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