Veterans Day At Bitwave

Veterans Day At Bitwave
Amy Kalnoki

We at Bitwave are lucky to have three veterans on our team, so we talked to them to hear their journeys from the armed forces to Web3.

A special thank to you and the other men and and women who devotedly serve, protect, and defend our country. Your bravery, hard work, and dedication is appreciated.

Ryan Berndt, Account Executive

"Coming out of several years in the military, it was challenging to find a career path in a field that interested and motivated me. Once I was introduced to crypto – and then started getting involved in NFTs and DeFi –I knew this was what I wanted to be involved in for the rest of my career.”

Bryan Li, Software Engineer

“The Web3 space has been kind to me. When I started working with digital assets, I was looking for an industry where the landscape is always changing so I won't get too bored too fast, and crypto was it.

There's never a day in and day out going through the same routine because someone is drumming up something that is changing the industry. It is perfect for veterans because most of the jobs within the industry are remote, so it allows you a lot of flexibility on where you want to live. Now is the best time to jump in because you get to be part of the group that sets the rules.”

Chris Zola, Account Executive

When I joined the military, I had a few motivators and common themes that most like-minded people share: 1. Community, 2. Purpose, 3. Challenge. Web3 aligns with all three.

Prior to working at Bitwave, I was working in the Fintech space and invested in crypto on a personal level. So when the opportunity to join Bitwave was presented, I saw it as an opportunity to work at a company doing something I considered fun, while aligning with my internal motivators, similar to why I joined the military.

The web3 community is one of the strongest and most accepting that I have been a part of. The team at Bitwave has a common purpose and is completely aligned in our efforts to tackle the hardest problems as a team to help our clients and shape this ever-changing market. To those on the fence, join our community, find your purpose, and step up to the challenge; you’ll be glad you did!”

On behalf of the entire Bitwave team. We are grateful for your bravery, hard work, and dedication to our country.

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We at Bitwave are lucky to have three veterans on our team, so we talked to them to hear their journeys from the armed services to Web3. 
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