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Unlocking New Efficiency in Digital Asset Management with Bitwave

About the Partnership

Hack VC, a pioneering venture capital firm specializing in digital assets, faced significant challenges in managing the complex reporting, accounting, and custody of tokens and wallets. Jigar Shah, as the VP of Finance, was at the forefront, manually tracking transactions and striving to maintain accurate financial records amid rapidly growing asset volumes. This process was highly centralized, cumbersome, and time-consuming, prompting Hack VC to look for a robust solution.

Bitwave Partner
Since 2023
Jigar Shah, VP of Finance at Hack VC
Use Case (s)
Digital Asset Management and Reporting
Tax Lot Tracking for Spec ID
Weekly Reporting and Granular Data Analysis
challenges faced:

Overcoming Manual Transaction Tracking at Hack VC

Hack VC faced several challenges: managing a growing number of digital assets, ensuring accurate tax reporting, and streamlining the custody of tokens and wallets. The sheer volume of transactions made manual tracking unsustainable, monopolizing valuable time that could be better spent on strategic finance initiatives. Due to this complexity, Jigar was the sole member of the finance team with a complete understanding of all transaction data, underscoring the urgent need for a sophisticated tool like Bitwave to decentralize knowledge and enhance team capability.


Transforming Tax Lot Tracking & Reporting with Bitwave

To address these challenges, Hack VC turned to Bitwave, attracted by its unique ability to handle tax lot tracking via Spec ID, its integration capabilities with existing ERP/GL systems, and its robust reporting features.

In addressing Hack VC's challenges, a primary focus was on enhancing their weekly reporting capabilities. Bitwave's solution empowered Hack VC with the ability to not only comprehend the total cost basis of their digital assets but also to pinpoint their exact locations. This level of detail was crucial for Jigar and his team, as it enabled them to delve into granular reporting data whenever necessary.

Further solidifying Bitwave's advantage was its rapid integration with Hack VC's existing ERP/GL systems, outpacing competitors in efficiency and ease of deployment. Bitwave is set to become the centralized hub for all digital asset transactions across Hack VC’s funds. It facilitated the management and categorization of transactions, streamlining the process of generating comprehensive weekly reports for the management team. These reports are instrumental in providing insights into asset allocations, cost bases, and other critical financial metrics.


Empowering Financial Management at Hack VC with Bitwave

The adoption of Bitwave led to several key improvements at Hack VC:

Streamlined Transaction Management: Bitwave's features reduced the need for manual transaction tracking, allowing Jigar and his team to focus on strategic financial planning.

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities: With Bitwave, Hack VC can now generate detailed reports on the total cost basis of their digital assets, providing valuable insights for decision-making.

Scalability for Growth: As Hack VC continues to expand, Bitwave's scalable solutions promise to accommodate increasing transaction volumes and additional funds without compromising efficiency.

Future-Ready Finance: With plans to onboard additional funds onto Bitwave, Hack VC is setting the stage for a more informed and data-driven approach to managing its digital assets.


Revolutionizing Digital Asset Finance: Hack VC's Journey with Bitwave

In summary, Hack VC's partnership with Bitwave has marked a turning point in managing the intricacies of digital asset finance. By leveraging Bitwave's advanced features and responsive support, Hack VC is now positioned for enhanced efficiency, strategic growth, and informed decision-making in the dynamic world of digital assets.

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