The Digital Asset Audit Survival Guide: 5-Day Email Course

The Finance Leader's Crash Course in Achieving Confident, Cost-efficient Crypto Audits

Do you know if your company is audit-ready when it comes to your digital assets? Be sure it is with a new, five-day email series from BItwave.

Our team pulled together a range of experts to build a comprehensive crash course on digital asset audit preparation. This guide has everything you need to be audit-ready – whether this is your first or fiftieth audit.

Written by licensed CPAs in collaboration with digital asset auditors, we're confident you'll learn something new and insightful from this guide. In fact, there's so much knowledge here we had to break it into a five-day email series!

With this guide, you'll be more than audit-ready – you'll be audit-PROVEN thanks to the audit experience we'll provide.

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Here's everything that's inside:

Day 1 - 3 Unique Aspects of Digital Asset Audits

Day 2 - 3 Mistakes Most Companies Make Preparing for a Digital Asset Audit (And How to Avoid Them)

Day 3 - 3 Areas the Auditors Will Look (And How to Prepare)

Day 4 - 3 Gold Nuggets to Achieve Continuous Compliance

Day 5 - 3 Ways Digital Asset Accounting Software Can Help You Prepare for a Digital Asset Audit

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