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The All-in-One Accounting, Finance, and Tax Platform for DeFi

Bitwave is the only enterprise-grade tax and accounting solution for digital assets, offering a comprehensive suite of features and integrations for all your decentralized finance (DeFi) applications.

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What's Included?

Everything You Need for DeFi Accounting

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DeFi Reconciliation

Leverage Bitwave to reconcile your DeFi-related transactions, such as staking or yield farming.

Staking tracking and revenue recognition

Staking Tracking and Revenue Recognition

Get a full suite of balance tracking, staking tracking, and staking revenue recognition tools.

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ROI Reporting

Accurately calculate return-on-investments (ROI) for your DeFi transactions from your organization’s dashboard.

What We Can Do For You

  • Power your DeFi strategy with the first accounting or tax solution to natively and comprehensively support DeFi
  • Provide built in support for numerous DeFi contracts and aggregators, such as Compound and MakerDAO, plus Curve and Balancer
  • Deliver a robust wallet DeFi wallet smart contract, with multi-sig, profit tracking, tax tracking, and more
  • Implement tooling to create secure and audible interfaces to different DeFi applications
Our Integrations

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Using One of These Protocols?

Contact us to learn how you can leverage our platform for tax tracking, bookkeeping, Decentralized Finance (“DeFi”) monitoring, and cryptocurrency accounts receivable / accounts payable software. Currently, we are being used by more than 150 businesses with over $10 billion of assets being monitored through their system.