Bitwave for Enterprises

Digital Assets: Meet Enterprise Financial Workflows

Bitwave is the only solution that addresses enterprise compliance

Instant, audit-ready reporting

Integrations with 80+ blockchains and DeFi ecosystems

Immediate compliance with IFRS, GAAP, FASB, and more

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Bridging Blockchain Technology
& the Traditional Finance World

Experience Streamlined and Scalable Crypto Tracking

A single platform to manage the intersection of cryptocurrency tax, accounting, and compliance that's built to handle high transaction volumes. Go big, and we’ll go with you.

Secure Institutional Crypto Treasury Management

Make fully-informed financial decisions with crypto treasury management services that mirror familiar corporate treasury management functions.

Eliminate Inefficiencies with Comprehensive Impairment

Our advanced accounting and audit module includes robust impairment capabilities, audit licenses, and access to our data warehouse for custom reporting. Everything you need to stay GAAP compliant.

Unlock New, Crypto-Powered Growth Channels

Invoice and pay using digital assets with Bitwave’s dynamic AR/AP features.

Set the Optimum Tax Strategy

Bitwave tracks fair market value, gains, and losses, supporting LIFO, FIFO, and more complex methods like specific identification and average cost.

Enable Enterprise DeFi

Make better strategic decisions with comprehensive DeFi ROI reporting and open the door to new revenue streams.


The Time to Start is Now

Digital assets are unlocking a new world of opportunities for businesses – from untapped growth channels to faster, more efficient business operations.

But you need digital assets to adapt to your existing compliance and regulatory systems. Not the other way around.

Say hello to Bitwave, the #1 digital asset finance platform built for enterprises. With Bitwave, you can confidently manage and integrate digital assets with your existing financial operations.

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Multiple Sets of Books, One Click Away

With the regulatory ecosystem constantly in flux, you need a system that can be as flexible as possible.

Bitwave's enterprise-grade Multibook function allows you to apply multiple accounting treatments to the same transactions. All without doubling your work or managing multiple instances.

And the flexibility doesn't stop there – each set of books can be configured with unique valuation setting and asset-by-asset level tracking.

Experience the power of Bitwave Multibook to enable true enterprise-grade workflows and customization.

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On-Boarding with Bitwave

We apply a highly-rate "Product, Process, & Program" approach to customer onboarding: 

  • Build and document an end-to-end implementation process
  • Develop a strategic solutions program designed to provide immediate value
  • Configure and deploy Bitwave, connecting it with your end-to-end financial process – from wallets and exchanges, to general ledgers and more
  • On-demand support and solutions architects are with you at every step

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From Blockchain to Balance Sheet,
Bitwave's Got Your Back

"Bitwave is essential to our cryptocurrency business processes."

“Bitwave is essential to our cryptocurrency business processes. Between their accounting and tax solution, and their deep expertise around digital assets, we’re thrilled to have a partner like Bitwave as we innovate in the power generation industry.”

Timothy Rainey
Chief Financial Officer, Greenidge Generation
"A best-in-class operation"

“Pudgy Penguins is dedicated to the long-term sustainability of our community.

This integration (with Bitwave) ensures the financial health of our
systems with a best-in-class operation.”

Lorenzo Melendez
President and Chief Technology Officer
Pudgy Penguins
“Without Bitwave, it would be impossible to get all the data you need”

"Without Bitwave, it would be impossible to get all the data you need to complete the close process and accumulate our revenue directly from the blockchain."

Kate Venturina
Corporate Controller, Art Blocks