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Fully automated bookkeeping, accounting, tax tracking & reporting for Gaming Studios, NFT collections, Marketplaces, and Blockchains.

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Streamlined Bookkeeping

Aggregate millions of micro-transactions into single, summarized transactions on an hourly basis, record fees, and recognize revenue directly into your general ledger.

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Token deployment monitoring

API Integration with exchanges ensures you can track and capture the complete revenue cycle of tokens, from staking to liquidity pools – all in one location.

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Customizable tax treatments

Track the tax cost basis of every transaction and calculate short and long-term capital gains. Choose the best strategy for your business (e.g., FIFO, LIFO, Cost Average, SPEC ID).

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Expansive blockchain support

Bitwave supports dozens of the leading gaming blockchains like EVM (ERC-721 & ERC-1155), Polygon, Solana, ImmutableX, AVAX, Klatyn, and Flow, with more blockchains added regularly.

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Accounting Software

Bitwave seamlessly integrates with leading accounting platforms, including QuickBooks, NetSuite, Sage Intacct, and Xero.


Bitwave supports tokens on the Bitcoin, Ethereum (All ERC-20 tokens + Layer 2), Solana, NEAR, and more. We are constantly adding support for new Blockchains.

Custodial Wallets

Bitwave currently supports Fireblocks, NYDIG, BitGo, and Anchorage custodial wallets.  We are constantly adding support for new Custodial Wallets.

DeFi Protocols

This is just a sample of the DeFi protocols we support. Click below for the full offering of DeFi integrations currently in place, with more being added each day.


This is just a sample of the key Exchanges we support. Click below for the larger offering of Exchanges supported, with more being constantly added.

Multi-Signature Wallets

Bitwave supports a variety of multi-signature wallets, such as Gnosis Safe, Zebec, and Electrum. We are constantly adding support for new Multi-Signature Wallets.

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Seamlessly track and sync transactions across every user, wallet, and exchange to your existing ERP and general ledger solutions. Need a specific system integration? Just let us know.

Accounting, Taxes, Monitoring, and Reporting:  Don’t Get Frustrated, Get Bitwave

Bitwave brings unmatched scale and expertise to GameFi, supporting over 200 blockchains, exchanges, custodians, and DeFi protocols.Contact us today to schedule a demo.

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