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Enterprise-Grade Tax Software for Crypto & DeFi

Stay ahead of your digital asset tax liabilities with Bitwave's continuous tracking and calculation of cost basis, gains, and losses for short-term and long-term capital gains.

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What's Included?

Effortlessly Handle Complex Crypto Tax Scenarios

Gain-loss reporting

Gain-Loss Reporting

Generate Gain-Loss reports and Unrealized Gain/Loss Reports for all of your digital assets.

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Easily provide cost-basis data to your clients with customizable disposal strategies for their trading, staking, and other activities.

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Highly Configurable

Select the best crypto tax strategy for your business goals (FIFO, LIFO, Cost Averaging, and Spec ID).

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Mark-to-Market & Impairment

Practice mark-to-market accounting to mark the current value of holdings and your crypto gains and losses. You can also record or recapture impairment with flexible cycles (daily, weekly, or monthly).

"Just having a solution to automatically categorize all these transactions and output them directly in NetSuite; a single report for all of our wallets, balances, etc.; a tool to help us automatically calculate impairment, is powerful. We could not have done any of it manually"

Learn how Opensea automated its NFT marketplace accounting workflow
  Stephen Chen, CPA
  Revenue Lead, OpenSea
"This UI Kit really helped me make an amazing website, thank you so much Veza Digital! I'll definitely be buying the premium UI Kits you release in the future!"
Martha Stewart

Comprehensive DeFi Tax Tracking

Take Control of Your Crypto Taxes with Bitwave

Bitwave's robust and flexible accounting platform is the ultimate solution for even the most complex crypto and DeFi tax needs of enterprises. 

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