Bitwave Acquires Gilded to Solidify its Leadership in Web3 Payments Economy

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Bitwave Acquires Gilded to Solidify its Leadership in Web3 Payments Economy
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Another Breaking Wave: Bitwave’s Latest Milestone

Today, we're thrilled to announce our strategic acquisition of Gilded, a top-tier crypto payments and reporting platform.

Enabling Enterprise Payments

This isn't just an acquisition; it’s an affirmation of Bitwave’s commitment to enabling the new crypto payment economy.

At Bitwave, we believe that on-chain payments are the future. We see a world where digital asset payments overtake traditional payment rails thanks to their instant settlement capability and incredibly low fees.

With the integration of Gilded's technology, Bitwave's comprehensive financial stack will offer an enhanced, unparalleled solution to enable crypto payments for enterprises.

Spotlight on Gilded: A Web3 Payments Powerhouse

Let's take a moment to talk about the star we've aligned with.

Since its inception five years ago, Gilded has been a strong player in the web3 payments ecosystem. Their Bill Pay and Mass Pay solutions allow users to effortlessly send crypto payments, track expenses, and pay up to 500 recipients at a time.

As part of this new chapter, Gilded CTO, Ken Gaulter, has assumed a pivotal role on Bitwave’s engineering team. A warm welcome, Ken!

Seamless Transitions, Uninterrupted Service

Through this acquisition, Bitwave's goal is to ensure that Gilded clients retain access to their mission-critical data.

We're committing today that all Gilded products will continue to operate as usual for now, and any transition plans will be communicated well before any action. We take our customers’ needs seriously and want to ensure your business operations are uninterrupted during this transition period.

Here's To What's Next

Bitwave is already known for its best-in-class financial stack and top-rated customer success team. With this acquisition, Bitwave continues its rapid growth across the financial web3 financial ecosystem – fostering innovation with security, transparency, and user-focused services.

We’re thrilled to mark this milestone in our continued growth as the #1 digital asset finance platform for enterprise.

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