A Symbiotic Powerhouse Alliance: Bitwave Joins Forces with Deloitte to Revolutionize Digital Asset Accounting and Compliance

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A Symbiotic Powerhouse Alliance: Bitwave Joins Forces with Deloitte to Revolutionize Digital Asset Accounting and Compliance
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We're thrilled—no, make that ecstatic—to announce our strategic alliance with Deloitte. This isn't just another partnership; it's a seismic shift in the digital asset and accounting realm. Why? Because when Bitwave's revolutionary tech joins hands with Deloitte’s decades-long expertise, things are bound to get exciting.

Why You Should Care

Let's face it, the digital asset space is like the Wild West right now—new data, emerging risks, ever-changing regulations—you name it. That’s why we’ve joined forces with Deloitte. Together, we’re rolling out a toolkit of digital asset solutions that won't just help you manage these complexities but will actually turn them into advantages.

Imagine unlocking valuable insights from blockchain data in near real-time or turbocharging your monthly close with automated accounting. And we're not stopping there. We're also streamlining crypto payments, ensuring compliance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States (“U.S. GAAP”) and International Financial Reporting Standards (“IFRS”), mitigating risk and increasing transparency through enhanced processes and controls, considering tax in the transaction flow, and navigating global tax compliance requirements. It's not the future; it's what we're doing right here, right now.

How We're Making Waves Together

We're not just pairing Bitwave's supercharged software, which takes in data from more than 70 blockchains and DeFi ecosystems and integrates seamlessly with ERP systems like Oracle NetSuite and Sage Intacct, with Deloitte's sharp-as-a-tack accounting and advisory services. We're creating a powerhouse. Our clients will benefit from speed, savings, and—most importantly—a crystal-clear compliance picture. Because let’s face it, compliance isn’t just a ‘good to have’—it’s a ‘must-have.’

Voices of the Alliance

Rob Massey, partner, Deloitte Tax LLP and Global & US Tax Blockchain & Digital Assets leader, couldn't put it better: “Bitwave’s sub-ledger solution brings a thoughtful approach to supporting the complex nature of digital asset-based transactions. I love having one solution that resonates with the early-stage crypto natives as well as mature corporate enterprises, across industries. It is a true pleasure to collaborate with the incredible team at Bitwave and memorialize this meaningful relationship into an official alliance.”

Our CEO, Patrick White, echoes the sentiment: "Partnering with over 400 customers has taught us an incredible amount about the landscape of digital assets at enterprises. We've learned that successfully adopting digital assets is often about more than just the technical solutions that Bitwave brings but a complex dance of process choices, accounting decisions, and implementation queries. Our alliance with Deloitte allows us to leverage their deep professional services and multidisciplinary expertise in finance, tax, and digital transformation to solve not just technical challenges but organizational ones as well. Together, we're not merely navigating this burgeoning space; we're redefining it."

What's Next? Sky’s the Limit

Ashok Parmar, Partner, Accounting and Reporting Advisory, Deloitte’s Lead Alliance Partner for Bitwave, adds his two cents: "This is a true example of 1-plus-1 being much greater than 2, where Deloitte and Bitwave bring significant value to our mutual clients."

In closing, this alliance isn't just about us—it’s about changing the game for businesses that are serious about leveraging digital assets. We're not just steering the ship; we're charting a new course.

More Info, Please!

For all the inside details, check out both Deloitte and Bitwave’s Blockchain & Digital Assets hub.

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