Bitwave Supercharges Base Ecosystem: Accelerating the On-Chain Economy


Bitwave Supercharges Base Ecosystem: Accelerating the On-Chain Economy
Empowering Builders with Seamless Accounting and Audit-Ready Financial Compliance
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Big news from the Bitwave team! Today, we're thrilled to announce completion of our direct integration to Base, the new L2 blockchain from Coinbase.

With Base's Total Value Locked (TVL) exceeding $550 million and still growing, Bitwave aims to ensure that projects on Base can operate compliantly and efficiently with today's evolving regulatory landscape.

What does this mean for builders? 

Bitwave’s goal is simple. We’re making life easier for financial teams.

Businesses with a Base wallet can now use our native integration to add those transactions into Bitwave with just a few, simple clicks.

This move streamlines compliance procedures and simplifies financial reporting, freeing up your time to focus more on building and less on regulatory hassles.

“Today marks a significant milestone in the continued acceleration of the onchain economy. With the launch of the new, highly scalable and secure Base L2 blockchain, Coinbase has delivered incredibly valuable infrastructure to onboard the next generation of applications and protocols to web3," said Bitwave CEO and Co-Founder, Pat White.
"Bitwave’s integration with Base highlights our shared commitment to streamlining financial processes and bolstering digital asset compliance for businesses. Today, we’re proud to reinforce Bitwave as the leader of enterprise finance for the digital era.” said White. 

This engineering milestone underscores our dedication to providing necessary tools for businesses navigating the crypto landscape.

By offering compliance solutions and ensuring adherence to global regulations, Bitwave empowers developers to leverage the Base L2 network securely and confidently.

Supporting Web3 Ecosystems for Growth

This integration isn’t just about technology; it’s about practical support for the broader crypto ecosystem. Bitwave's integration with Base seeks to provide accessible compliance solutions, enabling developers to focus on building innovative projects without getting bogged down in regulatory complexities.

As we continue to prioritize support for web3 builders, we’re fostering a reliable and compliant environment for the community at large.

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And, be sure to check out our approach to enterprise compliance and auditability. Our platform is battle-tested by today's leading global accounting networks, consulting partners, and audit service providers.

Let's build the future of finance together.

Pioneering digital asset accounting teams use Bitwave
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