The Bitwave Current 🌊 May 2024

Bitwave Current

The Bitwave Current 🌊 May 2024
Tune in here for a curated round-up of timely and topical updates from Bitwave
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Welcome Back to the Bitwave Current 🌊

Tune in here for a curated round-up of timely and topical updates from Bitwave. Each month, we’re bringing you product announcements, demos, and tons more to elevate your finance and accounting workflows. 

See What’s Inside This Edition

💻 Bitwave Platform: Enhanced Bulk & In-Line Categorizations

🌱 Celo Chain: Support for Native Validator Rewards

🔥Fireblocks Syncer: FAST. RELIABLE. SECURE.

🧠 On-Demand Webinar: "Blockchain Gas Fees for L2 Finance Pros”

🤠 Bitwave on the Road: Consensus 2024!

Bulk & In-Line Categorizations: Enhanced

Our engineering team is on a simple mission: To help make your job faster and easier. That’s why we’re rolling out new ways for you to manage high-volume transactions. 

With our enhanced categorization workflow, you can now access all-new filter capabilities – like the “To Be Reconciled” and “Failed to Price” filters. 😎

Want even more exciting updates? We’ve got you covered.

Our in-line categorization UI just had a Spring glow-up! You now have a smoother experience with a more consistent, speedy view – up to 1,000 transactions. 

With this update, high-volume categorizations are a snap. Drop into the Bitwave app and see for yourself! 

(Note: Some organizations may not immediately see these filters today. If you’re curious about when you’ll see these exciting features, reach out to your Bitwave rep for a quick demo.)

Celo Chain: Native Token Validator Rewards

While Bitwave has had a strong, enterprise-grade integration with Celo’s blockchain for some time, we’re rolling out an exciting, new upgrade - full support for native token validator rewards!

This experience will be seamlessly delivered in the Bitwave platform with hourly roll-up transactions

Get ready to unlock even more opportunities for growth and scalability with complete visibility across your on-chain financial landscape.

It’s just another way that Bitwave is advancing financial efficiency with enterprise-grade tracking and reporting for the blockchains you use.

(Note: This upgrade is live on a limited number of test accounts today. If you’d like to be part of this alpha activation phase, please reach out to a Bitwave Solutions team member.)

Fireblocks Syncer: Upgraded

Today, Bitwave is thrilled to announce an enhanced level of support for businesses building on Fireblocks. 

What’s New? Bitwave has engineered an all-new Fireblocks syncer to harmonize with your Fireblocks source data. Confidently run Balance Reports in Bitwave knowing that your Fireblocks journal and wallet data will match perfectly every time. 

How to Get Started? If you have an existing Fireblocks wallet, just pop over to the Wallet UI page and find the Fireblocks integration under the “Custodial” category: 

New to Fireblocks? Fireblocks is a user-friendly platform that enables specialized self-custody to build new blockchain-based products and manage digital asset operations. 

Businesses like B2B payment service providers banks, market makers, and other institutions use Fireblocks to power their ecosystems. 

L2 Blockchain Gas Fees: On-Demand Webinar

Gas fee dynamics can significantly impact profitability and competitiveness – and with the recent explosion of new L2 ecosystems, this new model is incredibly important to understand. 

That’s why Bitwave and Blocknative teamed up to deliver a solid, up-to-date foundation for to optimizing L2 financial operations.


Re-watch the full webinar with Blocknative CEO and Co-Founder of Blocknative, Matt Cutler, and Bitwave CEO and Co-Founder, Pat White. You’ll get actionable insights and strategies for minimizing gas fee costs and managing financial compliance. 

 ✓ Gas fees, blobs, and impacts of the Ethereum Dencun hard fork

 ✓ Optimizing L2 profitability with an inverted COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) model

 ✓ Financial compliance strategies for blockchains

Check it out – completely free and on-demand!

Consensus 2024: Bitwave on the Road!

Join the Bitwave team for a whirlwind week of education, connection, and innovation in the Lone Star State. 

Find Bitwave at Consensus Booth #1318 – where you can meet our team of experts, check out live demos of the platform, and see how our innovative software is revolutionizing digital asset finance for enterprises, foundations, and institutions.

👉 Get the full download on Bitwave at Consensus

🗓️ Book an In-Person Meeting (Booth #1318)


Get ready to experience the on-chain finance revolution firsthand – see you soon in Texas!  

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