Bitwave Acquires Web3 Accounting CPE and News Provider Multisig Media


Bitwave Acquires Web3 Accounting CPE and News Provider Multisig Media
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From the start, Bitwave was founded with the core vision of leading the wave of digital asset (web3) education for finance and accounting professionals.

Today, Bitwave is proud to announce the acceleration and expansion of that journey with the acquisition of Multisig Media.

In just a year and a half, Multisig has established itself as the premier provider of continuing professional education (CPE) and news for the crypto accounting and finance industries. Today, their flagship newsletter Triple Entry is read by more than 3,000 professionals in Web3, DeFi, accounting, finance, and more.

We're proud to welcome the fantastic team from Multisig into the Bitwave family – and are thrilled to reinforce our shared commitment to empower, inform, and educate accounting and finance professionals everywhere.

Both companies share a common vision to empower, inform, and educate finance professionals with the most up-to-date guidance for digital asset accounting. This acquisition will accelerate and expand Bitwave’s ability to meet the educational needs of businesses, further cementing it as the go-to leader for Web3 finance and accounting professionals.

“Bitwave was created with the core purpose of mitigating the complexity of digital asset accounting. This includes dedicated educational support for all accounting teams – no matter where they are in their Web3 journey,” said Bitwave COO and Co-Founder Amy Kalnoki.

With the acquisition, the Triple Entry newsletter will continue its coverage of the Web3 accounting and finance space with content designed to close the knowledge gap for crypto accountants. More opportunities for accountants to earn CPE credits are coming soon.

“We want accountants passionate about the future of this industry to have the tools they need to meet the challenges of crypto accounting head-on. Solving this problem - or as we like to call it, Operation 'Build-a-Better-Back-Office' - has always been our mission, because we believe this is one of the key components of accelerating the mass adoption of digital assets,” said Multisig Media CEO Trevor Ward.

We're thrilled to welcome the Multisig team into the Bitwave family.

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