Bitwave Joins Canton Network's Global Synchronizer Foundation

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Bitwave Joins Canton Network's Global Synchronizer Foundation
Bitwave’s direct Canton Network integration enables financial institutions utilizing the Canton Network to leverage our audit-ready digital asset finance platform to track and price Canton Coin transactions such as super validator rewards and on-chain token transfers.
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Bitwave Joins Global Synchronizer Foundation

Bitwave is proud to announce its participation in the Global Synchronizer Foundation. As one of the founding participants, we will play an active role in supporting the operations, governance, and continued development of the Global Synchronizer, the interoperability backbone of the Canton Network.

What is the Canton Network?

The Canton Network is a public-permissioned blockchain designed to securely synchronize, tokenize and mobilize real-world assets and liabilities - while ensuring the privacy, control, and interoperability demanded by regulated financial markets.

How are Financial Institutions Using the Canton Network?

The underlying technology used by the Canton Network already leads the way for the tokenization of traditional assets. More than $1.5 trillion of tokenized securities are processed using this core technology every month. Over $5 billion of new digitally native securities have been issued on the network in the last 12 months alone, representing ~8X the volume of securities issued on public blockchain. The result has been $3 million of yearly cost savings for repo participants, issuance to settlement times that compress from T5 to sub-60 seconds and $100 million reductions in securities lending and borrowing costs per year.

What is Canton Coin?

To further facilitate the adoption and utility of the Global Synchronizer for the Canton Network, the organizations running the decentralized service have also voted to launch a native utility token called Canton Coin. By introducing Canton-native value transfer, Canton Coin can support 24/7 seamless global transactions across participants and asset classes without the burden of traditional finance limitations.

How Does Bitwave Interact with the Canton Network?

Bitwave has built an institutional-grade blockchain integration to the Canton Network to enable participating financial institutions to bridge on-chain activity into the Bitwave software platform and into traditional financial systems. This integration incorporates a variety of transaction types, reward types, and fee types that are required for precisely accounting for this on-chain activity. 

How is Bitwave Enabling the Canton Ecosystem? 

Financial Institutions using the Canton Network need to consider various accounting, tax, financial reporting, and compliance obligations that arise when engaging with digital assets. Bitwave’s direct Canton Network integration enables institutions to leverage our audit-ready digital asset finance platform to track and price Canton Coin transactions, such as super validator rewards and on-chain token transfers. Ecosystem participants might have a variety of fees on a given transaction that require the application of different accounting categorization methods. Bitwave’s robust rules engine can be configured based on the on-chain metadata to automatically account for these various types of transactions at scale.

When tokenizing real-world assets, institutions also need to reconcile on-chain assets to traditional financial systems. This includes assets such as equities, bonds, derivatives, money market funds, repos, and more. Bitwave makes this tracking and reconciliation possible with our direct Canton integration and Institutional Reconciliation functionality. 

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About Bitwave:

Bitwave is the #1 digital asset finance platform for enterprises. Founded in 2018 by technology veteran entrepreneurs Pat White and Amy Kalnoki, Bitwave was built to bridge the gap between blockchain-based technology systems and the traditional finance world. Bitwave automates on-chain accounting workflows, streamlines regulatory compliance, and simplifies tax reporting complexity—all with an audit-ready, enterprise-grade platform. 

From Fortune 100 titans to crypto-native projects, Bitwave powers the financial teams responsible for some of the most recognizable Web2 and Web3 brands in the world– including Nasdaq, GameStop, OpenSea, The Sandbox, Ripple, Polygon, Ava Labs, and more.

Bitwave is backed by industry-leading partners, including Hack VC, Blockchain Capital, Signal Fire, Valor Equity Partners, and Arca Endeavor Fund. To learn more, visit

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