Celebrating Milestones & Looking Ahead: A Year-End Message from Bitwave


Celebrating Milestones & Looking Ahead: A Year-End Message from Bitwave
Our journey this year has been marked by some awe-inspiring achievements
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Dear Friends 


As we wrap up an incredibly eventful 2023, we're excited to reflect on the milestones that have defined our fifth year at Bitwave.


Together with your enthusiastic support, we're closing this year with gratitude and a renewed commitment to innovation and collaboration.


A Year of Highlights


Our journey this year has been marked by some awe-inspiring achievements:


  • Leading the crypto accounting ecosystem with CPE-enabled educational content – thanks to the launch of BitwaveU, our online education resource. (If you need CPE credit before the end of the year, check out our full course library!)
  • Hosting the Enterprise Digital Asset Summit (EDAS) in Austin, TX, where we gathered 350+ attendees and 40 expert speakers, igniting invaluable discussions and insights.
  • Completing the strategic acquisition of both Multisig Media and Gilded, expanding our capabilities and fortifying our position in enterprise finance.
  • Forming groundbreaking partnerships, notably with Deloitte, Coinbase, Maple, NEAR, FIO, and TOKU, setting the stage for collaborative advancements within our industry.
  • Achieving a new engineering milestone by completing direct integrations to over 80 blockchains, protocols, and ERP systems – including the new Base L2 from Coinbase. Bitwave enables financial teams with accurate, complete, and audit-ready data. 
  • Launching Bitwave Enterprise Crypto Payments, our innovative payment solution for streamlining invoice management and B2B crypto payments.


This year, our engineering team was a powerhouse force – rolling out enhanced usability features and lightning-fast platform upgrades daily.


Bitwave dominated the enterprise market with unmatched, industry-leading capabilities like multibook accounting, org-level encryption, Role-Based Access Controls, and so much more.


Looking Forward to 2024


We’re eagerly anticipating a continued trend toward improved regulatory clarity for digital assets. The recent FASB guidelines were an incredibly positive sign, and we look forward to more global governing bodies following their lead. (Be sure to check out our just-released FASB transition guide!)


More positive signs are also noted across the broader crypto ecosystem – and we’re thrilled to foster continued growth in crypto payments, stablecoins, RWAs, liquid staking, and other strong blockchain use cases.


Today, we extend heartfelt thanks to you – our customers, partners, and friends. Your trust and collaboration have been pivotal to our success, and we're immensely grateful for the opportunity to grow together.


As we raise a toast to the achievements of 2023, we look ahead towards opportunities in the New Year. Wishing you joyous holidays and a prosperous 2024! 



- The Bitwave Team



P.S. If you're ready to take your financial operations to the next level, we'd love to connect!


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