Bitwave Now Supports NEAR

Bitwave Now Supports NEAR
Julian Alvarado

Bitwave is proud to announce full support of the NEAR Protocol, a highly-scalable proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain.

As the first digital asset accounting and tax platform to support the protocol, Bitwave empowers organizations to track the cost basis for every transaction with NEAR, the protocol’s native token. 

As the industry continues to embrace environmentally-friendly PoS protocols like NEAR, it will need a solution like Bitwave to mitigate the complexities of PoS accounting. 

For example, NEAR validators are rewarded NEAR tokens every epoch (~12 hours) at a rate of 4.5% of their holdings. Without Bitwave, NEAR holders would have to manually track and monitor the cost-basis of 730 transactions per year. 

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