The Bitwave Current 🌊 Feb 2024

Bitwave Current

The Bitwave Current 🌊 Feb 2024
Tune in here for product announcements, demos, and tons more to elevate your finance and accounting workflows.
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Welcome to the Bitwave Current!

Each month, we’re bringing you a curated list of timely, topical, and entertaining updates from Bitwave. Tune in here for product announcements, demos, and tons more to elevate your finance and accounting workflows.

What's Inside This Edition?

📣  In-App Announcements Are HERE
💰  Register Report – Now Including Fiat
📄  Demo: Bitwave’s All-New Invoice-Matching Dashboard
🤝  Ecosystem Support Highlight: Optimism
🏔️  Bitwave on the Road: ETH Denver

Ready...? Let’s go!

In-App Announcements Are HERE

At Bitwave, we’re always upgrading and updating our platform to make sure you have the best experience. And now, you can stay up-to-date with the latest feature releases and product announcements – right in the app itself.

We’ve reorganized our main dashboard to give you the information you need most. Check it out today!

Bitwave In-App Announcements

Register Report – Now Including Fiat

If you ever wanted to use the Bitwave Register Report for both crypto and fiat, this news is for you!

We know some customers need to view and account for both currency types. With this latest platform upgrade, we’ve made it super simple to include fiat in your existing USD ticker.

To include fiat transactions, just hit that fancy, new toggle button… and you’re on your way!

Bitwave fiat toggle

Demo: Bitwave’s All-New Invoice-Matching Dashboard

An all-new, fresh take! For the first time in Bitwave, you can see all the open transactions and the uncategorized (AR/AP) invoices in ONE CLEAN VIEW for seamless inventory matching.

It’s our way of speeding up your invoice-matching workflows and driving more efficiency

Check out this 2-minute demo to see this new view in action!

Ecosystem Support Highlight: Optimism

At Bitwave, we're dedicated to empowering financial teams with the tools they need to successfully manage digital assets. And, that all starts with the innovative blockchain technologies at the heart of web3.

Today, we're thrilled to highlight our robust support for OP Mainnet and the broader Optimism (OP Stack) ecosystem. With $5 billion in Total Value Locked (TVL) and accounting for almost a quarter of all L2 transactions today, this fast, stable, and secure network is one of the most exciting projects in the Web3 space.

We run our own Optimism node, which allows Bitwave customers to have complete transparency into their on-chain activity, including:  

✅ Deposits, Withdrawals, and Trades

✅ DeFi / Staking

✅ Cross-chain Transfers

✅ Gas Fees

Bitwave enables leading dapps and projects – like those built on Optimism – to effortlessly track, manage, and account for their entire on-chain financial activity with just a few clicks.

Read more about our Optimism support here!

Bitwave + Optimism

Bitwave on the Road: ETH Denver

Our team will be on the ground in Denver for the annual Ethereum conference - and we can't wait to see you!

This Saturday, Bitwave Co-Founder and COO Amy Kalnoki will drop some serious knowledge with a MUST-watch session for anyone managing crypto transactions. (Psst! We also dedicated last week’s edition of our Triple Entry newsletter to this topic. Check it out here.)

What: "Your 'Stay-Out-of-Jail-Free’ Card: Exploring compliance strategies for crypto transaction reporting under the updated IRS Rule 6050I”

Where: Trident Stage (Inside the ETH Denver #BUIDL Hub)

When: Saturday, March 1 @12:05PM MT

👉 Add Amy's session to your calendar

👉 Get the full download on Bitwave at ETH Denver

Join us at ETHDenver 2024 as we #BUIDL towards a brighter, more connected future!

Amy Kalnoki - ETH Denver Speaker

Now You're Current 👏

That's all for today's edition of The Bitwave Current. But we're still right here for you.

Want coffee bean recommendations? Standing desk reviews? Or, you know... want to ask a question about the Bitwave platform?

Reach out anytime at – we'd love to hear from you!

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